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Miami Spine and Performance is not only an integrative healthcare clinic offering chiropractic, functional medicine, nutrition, and acupuncture but also a sports recovery center. Our clinic sees a number of athletes throughout Hallandale, Aventura, Hollywood, and Miami that utilize our clinic for Sports Recovery Services.

While we place emphasis on hands-on care and therapeutic exercises first and foremost, there are a number of exceptional recovery modalities that we also utilize with patients and sports recovery clients to enhance their experience and outcomes.

Is Sports Recovery just for high-level athletes?

No! We consider every patient in our clinic to be an athlete in their own right and provide the same high standard of care regardless of who you are. One of the unique qualities of our clinic is that weekend warriors, expectant mothers, and professional athletes are all given 100% attention from the doctors and have access to all of the same resources. If you are physically active and looking to improve performance over time, then our Sports Recovery Program is for you!


Sports Recovery Services


Normatec Recovery Boots:


Normatec Recovery boots use a unique pulse massage system to aid in muscle recovery. The Normatec boots first pressurize the entire lower body via dynamic compression in order to remove lactic acid and other waste products. When the boots deflate, nutrient-rich blood floor returns to your lower body enhancing recovery, reducing DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) and managing inflammation.


Compex Electric Stimulation:

The Compex unit uses an electrical nerve stimulation machine to reduce pain via endorphin release and by blocking pain sensation via inhibition. This modality can be used by athletes and active individuals before, after or even during training and rehabilitation exercises. The Compex unit at our clinic utilizes 10 different settings including muscle relaxation, pain relief, active recovery, and muscle strength. 



The Hypervolt percussive massage gun is one of the manual therapy tools at our clinic to eliminate muscle soreness and enhance recovery. The hyper volt is unique in that it provides a percussive stimulus to the muscle fibers, resulting in a unique effect on the receptors within the muscle to cause reflexive inhibition and relaxation. This is a great tool to use before and after training or on an off-day to recover for your next session.


Sports Cupping: 

Sports Cupping has a very similar physiological effect to eastern medicine cupping but also utilizes movement during the cupping to enhance blood flow, recovery, and range of motion. Cupping uses suction to slightly lift the skin, fascia and muscle interface, allows for vasodilation (increased blood flow) in areas that may have had poor tissue quality and circulation. cupping  The local increase in blood flow is what causes the temporary red and purple circles you commonly see with cupping! At our clinic, we will generally use cupping in conjunction with dry needling and acupuncture. 


Functional Dry Needling: 

Miami Spine and Performance is one of the only clinics in or around Hallandale Beach, Florida that offers this service. Dry Needling is a highly effective and specific manual therapy technique that allows the clinician to penetrate directly into trigger points, improve recovery and increase range of motion. Our physicians will generally use dry needling to remove trigger points from muscles and then will use cupping or instrumental assisted soft tissue therapy to restore blood flow to the area and restore tissue health.



Active Release Technique:

Active Release Technique (ART) is a hands-on soft tissue assessment and treatment system that specializes in treating overuse conditions leading to poor soft tissue quality. ART has over 500 different protocols designed to work through individual muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and tissue interfaces. This is a unique manual therapy modality in that it combines both hands-on therapy form the doctor as well as an active movement by the patient to enhance the therapeutic benefit and recovery.


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