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Optimize your Health, Wellness, and Performance

The mission of our practice is not just to relieve symptoms but to also build a community of individuals striving to optimize their performance in all aspects of their lives. The true value of conservative healthcare and chiropractic is to prevent injury and improve performance over the long term, which is why we prefer the term “Performance Care” to the more commonly used phrase “Wellness Care”.

What is “Performance Care”?

Performance Care is a service that our clinic offers that is based primarily upon objective findings and your personal performance goals. Before you start a Performance Care plan with us, we will take you through comprehensive Joint-by-Joint analysis to determine which particular areas of your body our plan is going to focus on improving.


Who is Performance Care designed for?

Performance Care is designed for active individuals, athletes or those who want to be pain-free and stay ahead of any future injuries or discomfort. True adaptation to flexibility, mobility, and strength takes time and specificity. For those willing to invest in themselves for long-term growth, performance care is a great option.

What is included in a Performance Care treatment session?

All of the normal chiropractic services that we offer (Chiropractic Adjustments, Soft-Tissue Therapy, Corrective Exercise) are all included in Performance Care as needed. The only difference is that rather than treating an acute complaint, we are working together to make long term progress in areas that are not functioning optimally. 

How long is a Performance Care Plan?

Initially, we like to set up a Care Plan for 8-12 weeks. This allows us time for true adaptation and marked improvements when we do our re-examination. Throughout your performance plan, you will see the doctor for care and will be given a specific home exercise and stretching program to help supplement your visits to the clinic. Patients on this plan will generally choose to see the doctor weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending upon their goals.


What are the benefits of being on a Performance Care Plan?

Every person has certain physical attributes they were born with and others that were developed through athletics and medical history. By having a comprehensive musculoskeletal examination you are able to have a clear outline of which areas of your body are working well and which others could use improvement. Often times there are clear indicators of whether or not an area might be prone to injury. There is no better time to clear up a joint and soft tissue injury than before they prevent you from doing the things you love.

Regular chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue therapy will save you medical costs down the road by keeping away back pain, neck pain, sports injuries and other conditions that may arise during physical activity. 

If you are a current or new patient interested in Performance Care, Please give us a call or schedule below. We would love to help you reach your health goals.

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