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At Miami Spine and Performance, we believe in not only getting you out of your pain but also helping you move and feel better in the long run. This is why we often transition patients from active care to a remote fitness program that will allow you to continue to build off of the progress you have made in the clinic.

In the same way that dental health, heart health, and skin health require maintenance, so does musculoskeletal health. Fortunately, most of the maintenance can be done in the form of exercise! A healthy combination of strength training, cardiovascular training, and stretching. Occasionally, it is also advised to be adjusted and have manual therapy performed in order to keep your body primed for training long-term!

Are you a good fit for Remote Fitness Programming?

  • You are returning from injury or with chronic injuries that need specialized attention to their programming
  • You are looking to improve body composition, lose body fat and put on muscle mass
  • You are fitness enthusiasts that are tired of the same old body part splits and training programs
  • You are a competitive athletes in fields sports and martial arts
  • You are new to fitness and would like some direction to get them started on their journey
  • You are on a tight schedule or prefer to train at home with limited equipment

What Does the Remote Training include?

  • Pre-exercise warm-up protocols
  • Strength Training
  • Both Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning
  • Mobility and Stability Corrective Work
  • Post-Workout Cool Downs
  • Daily communication with your prescribing physician

Where do I get my workouts?

All remote workouts are delivered via the Truecoach app every Sunday evening. The app displays the workouts provide in-depth technique videos allows for metric tracking (personal records, body composition, dietary intake), and has a texting feature that allows you to communicate and give feedback to your provider on a regular basis.


How do you get started?

Every remote coaching client will start with a 60 minutes consultation where we will discuss your training/injury history and your future goals. We will deep dive into training, nutrition, lifestyle and perform a short movement evaluation to make sure that you can safely and effectively follow your program.  If you are interested in safe and effective workouts programming by our physicians, please click the link below! We look forward to working with you.

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