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Neck pain alone can be very frustrating and debilitating but in most cases simply the result of repetitive movements or positions that leads to tightness, discomfort and painful symptoms.

Generally, patients will feel the urge to stretch or even try to “pop” their neck. Though this may produce relief for a few seconds or minutes, they may exacerbate the issue if it is not assessed properly.

At Miami Spine and Performance, our physicians are trained to properly assess neck pain efficiency in order to quickly find the source of the issue and restore a healthy and full range of motion to the neck.

What causes neck pain?

There are a variety of conditions that may cause symptoms in the neck, which is why a thorough medical history and physical exam are necessary every time a patient presents to the office with cervical spine.

If the pain is non-traumatic in nature and intermittent (comes and goes), it is most likely due to a dysfunction in either the joints of the cervical spine and/or the local musculature.

If symptoms or weakness down the arms, headaches, blurry vision or other symptoms accompany the pain, a more thorough workout and potentially a referral to a different type of specialist may be necessary.

How do we treat neck pain?

At Miami Spine and Performance, following the comprehensive medical history and physical exam, we will typically utilize a MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) mechanical assessment as well as an assessment of controlled articular rotations (A FRS concept).

These two movement assessments will show us deficiencies in movement and allow us to use chiropractic adjustments, manual therapy appropriately and prescribed home exercises/stretches to relieve pain and improve function.

shoulder pain relief

We have assessed and successfully treated many medical diagnoses where the source of the problem is located at the spine.
Examples include:

Upper back Discomfort
Shoulder pain
Shoulder blade pain
Jaw pain
Arm weakness
Tennis elbow
Golfer’s Elbow
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Numbness/tingling in the fingers
Thumb pain
In rare cases, neck pain can indicate a serious medical problem requiring immediate attention.

If you experience dizziness, double vision, difficulty speaking/swallowing, direct trauma, or unexplained weight loss accompanied by neck pain, seek immediate medical attention.

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