Chiropractor in Hallandale and Aventura
Chiropractor in Hallandale and Aventura
Hallandale Beach Chiropractor


Miami Spine and Performance was started with the vision of providing Hollywood, Aventura, Hallandale Beach and surrounding areas with high quality, individualized chiropractic care and unparalleled results.

Whether you are dealing with pain, dysfunction, or simply not performing at your best, Miami Spine and Performance takes an integrative approach to provide you with the care you need.

We utilize a variety of therapies ranging from modern chiropractic therapy, soft-tissue techniques, performance and sports rehabilitation, functional medicine, clinical nutrition, and acupuncture to provide you with the most impactful evidence-based care.

Our mission is to empower every individual with the tools to start living healthier, more functional lives through chiropractic.

Hallandale Beach Chiropractor

“I was referred to Dr. Adams from my doctor for a trial of therapy before considering surgery. Dr. Adams had a very unique approach and taught me so much about how my back works and how much I can do on my own. I never ended up getting surgery and have felt great every since. Highly recommend.”

– Kate S.

“I have had knee problems on and off that prevented me from running or cycling, which I enjoy very much. After just 3 visits, Dr. Adams gave me a corrective stretching program for home that has been a huge game changer. A truly gifted doctor.”

- Victor H

“I have never experienced the level of personalized care that Dr. Mendez offers. She took the time to talk with me and explained to me why I am experiencing the condition that I am and what we were going to do to fix it. Couldn’t be happier with my experience.”

-Fernanda R.

“Dr. Mendez is extremely professional and easy to talk to. I have been working with her for 2 months for digestive issues and a number of other problems I have had over the years and am so thankful. She really takes the time to tie everything together and helps me understand more about my body”

-Sarah S

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Chiropractic Adjustment

Traditional chiropractic adjustments are a valuable tool used at Miami S+P and are shown to be most effective when used in conjunction with other modalities such as soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation and functional medicine.

Some patients are uncomfortable being adjusted and we are more than happy to utilize other therapies to help our patients.

During every initial visit we will educate you on the findings of our assessment and our recommendations for therapy moving forward.

Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy

The Mckenzie method of mechanical diagnosis and therapy is one of the most well-researched and widely respected assessment and exercise program systems in orthopedic rehabilitation today.

At Miami S+P we utilize this system to find movements that may be painful or limited and prescribe specific exercises to be performed at home to alleviate discomfort and improve well being.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a powerful tool used at Miami S+P that may encompass hands on myofascial release, massage, instrumental assisted soft tissue, dry needling, cupping, and stretch therapy.

We utilize manual therapy to help relieve pain, improve movement quality and to correct imbalances so that you can healthfully performance corrective exercises and stay active.

Functional Rehabilitation

Functional rehabilitation includes specific exercises and stretches designed to reduce pain and improve movement quality.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, athlete or simply want to work and enjoy hobbies, regular movement is crucial for your health.

Performance Training

Performance training is for those patients not in pain but looking to move better and perform at a higher level in sport and life or those who would like to continue the great progress they made in the office, into the gym.

After a thorough joint by joint evaluation, a specific exercise, stretching and fitness protocol will be prescribed to improve mobility and stability

Acupuncture/ Cupping

Acupuncture is a gentle form of treatment used to bring the body’s energy channels back to balance. This form of therapy addresses conditions such as anxiety, seasonal allergies, insomnia, stress and many other internal and external conditions. It is an excellent form of preventative care and works to promote well-being.

Cupping is a form of treatment that helps with muscular pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and more. Cupping creates a vacuum that will draw your skin, muscle, and fascia into the cup. It helps with various conditions that involve the nervous system, lymphatics, and circulatory system. It is a safe and effective tool to use with various conditions.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is an efficient way to determine the underlying causes of your health concerns. Dr. Mendez utilizes Functional Medicine to study the complex interactions in your history, physiology, diet, and lifestyle that can lead to illness.

At Miami S+P we utilize Functional Medicine uncover the causes of your symptoms, while considering the unique internal and external factors that affect your health. We are dedicated to providing you with an individualized approach to advance toward your health goals.

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